This Boy’s Best Friend Isn’t Even Human

( – After giving the idea some thought, a couple decided to adopt a puppy. The pair chose Drax, an eight-week-old cane corso. Little did they know, they were also expecting a child. This is the story of how two unlikely friends came to be.

The large-breed canine developed protective tendencies throughout the course of the pregnancy. Drax would lay his head on the mother’s stomach and occasionally lick it as if he already knew the child would be his best friend. People have a tendency to feel that big dogs and babies don’t mix, but that’s not usually the case. This couple understood they would need to work hard to ensure everything was going to work out.

The parents dedicated their time to properly introducing Drax to their son, letting him get used to the baby’s presence from a distance at first. After some time they allowed the animal to get closer as the baby played in his crib or playpen. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

Drax and the baby enjoy each other’s company, and the mom even credits the cane corso for her son being an early walker, noting the baby wanted to keep up with his “big brother.” The pair like playing, but nothing is more enjoyable to them than staring out the window together. Who knew that a small child and a massive 125-pound dog would be the best of friends? Life seems to have a way of bringing unlikely companions together. Would you allow such a big dog around your children?

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