Young Man Crashes, Dies in Plane He Allegedly Stole

Young Man Crashes, Dies in Plane He Allegedly Stole

( – Many people undergo the necessary training to get their pilot license each year, whether to fly commercial planes or so they can take to the air in their own personal aircraft. One man, attending flight school in Texas, allegedly decided to steal one of the planes and ignore his instructor and air traffic control. He later crashed in the plane he stole, and authorities pronounced him dead at the scene.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 24, in the Dallas, Texas, area. Air traffic control cleared a pilot in training at ATP Flight School, later identified as 23-year-old Logan Timothy James, to engage in touch-and-go maneuvers when he decided to leave on a plane. According to the New York Post, James called in after completing one circuit and said, “About right now, you’ll probably realize that I’m not gonna listen to y’all’s instructions.” He then disabled communications, took off with the plane he was flying, a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, and proceeded to head east.

Just over an hour later, the aircraft crashed into a field in Northeast Texas, approximately 80 miles from Addison Airport, where the flight school is based. Authorities found the pilot deceased, but he didn’t injure any other people during the incident.

ATP confirmed in a statement that its plane was the one “involved in a fatal accident,” according to CBS News. As of the time of writing, the airport had not confirmed how it allowed James to steal the aircraft.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Texas Department of Public Safety launched an investigation following the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration also became involved.

Speaking with the media, James’ dad described him as “a wonderful son, with a gentle and loving spirit.” Investigators may never learn what reportedly motivated James, who aspired to become a commercial pilot, to steal the plane in the first place.

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