White House Announces Special Counsel Nomination

White House Announces Special Counsel Nomination

(USNewsBreak.com) – The Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) is a federal agency that is granted authority through four prominent federal statutes. Special Counsels with the OSC are in charge of investigating and prosecuting political and government corruption while protecting whistleblowers. President Joe Biden recently announced his intention to nominate a new special counsel. However, it’s likely to draw concern from some critics considering the nominee’s ties to Hunter Biden.

On Tuesday, October 3, the White House revealed that Biden was nominating Hampton Dellinger for the role. It is currently filled by Henry Kerner, who has held the position since October 2017. The terms expire every five years.

Dellinger has governmental experience in that he recently served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy (OLP) until June of this year. For that role, he was confirmed by the Senate with bipartisan support.

However, according to a recent Fox News report, Dellinger also has ties to Biden in that he donated to his campaign, sending in a total of $1,500. He also previously worked alongside the president’s son at the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP. This is the firm that represented Burisma Holdings. Emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop also reportedly reveal the two had lunch.

There’s already been pushback from some whistleblowers, namely Gary Shapley’s legal team, who believe that Biden’s nomination is him “thumb[ing] his nose at SSA Shapley and SA [Joseph] Zeigler,” according to The New York Post. Both of the IRS agents have come forward with allegations that the Department of Justice has meddled in the investigation involving Hunter Biden.

While he was confirmed in 2021, it may be difficult for him to get through the process this time around with the connections hanging over his head. Shapley’s team has insisted that should Dellinger make it through, he “should immediately let Congress and the American people know … he will recuse himself from any involvement” in the cases involving Hunter.

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