US Lawmaker Reveals He Has Cancer

US Lawmaker Reveals He Has Cancer

( – Cancer has been one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Whether it’s treatable depends on the type and stage and a person’s overall health. Regardless, treatments can entail lengthy processes. One US congressman recently announced that doctors had diagnosed him with a rare form of the disease.

On Monday, July 8, Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) released a statement on his website revealing that he had early-stage Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood disease affecting fewer than 200,000 people annually. He said that he always assured his wife that he received screenings and stayed on top of his health, which led to the early detection. Garamendi noted that he had already started chemo-immunotherapy treatment and remained optimistic that he would “get through this while continuing to serve [his] constituents and advance American democracy.”

Due to chemotherapy’s compromising effect on the immune system, Garamendi said his doctors cautioned him to minimize his exposure to other viruses, which could put his health at risk. As such, the California representative will minimize his travel to DC and public events during his treatment. However, he plans to continue working on the issues affecting his constituents and Americans during that time.

Garamendi currently represents the state’s 8th Congressional District and is facing reelection later this year. In 2022, he won his seat in a race against Rudy Recile, a Republican, with 76% of the vote. The two will face off again this year, and pundits favor the Democratic representative to win.

Garamendi isn’t the only US congressman to announce he has cancer. Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) also revealed she was fighting cancer last month. Like Garamendi, the sometimes controversial Texas representative planned to continue her reelection bid following a failed mayoral run while receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer.

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