US Hits Russia With Hundreds of Sanctions

US Hits Russia With Hundreds of Sanctions

( – When news broke about the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fiercest foe, Alexei Navalny, many suspected Putin had a hand in it. President Joe Biden said he had “no doubts” the Russian leader was responsible. Now, the US has slapped Moscow with hundreds of sanctions in response.

On Friday, February 23, Biden gave a speech about the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He spoke about the bravery and persistence of the Ukrainian people in the face of a perceived giant and how they remained “unbowed in their determination,” defending their future and freedom. For the ongoing war in Ukraine and Navalny’s death, the president announced “more than 500 new sanctions against Russia.”

The penalties will fall on “individuals connected to Navalny’s imprisonment” and several sectors, including the procurement networks, defense industrial base, and “evaders across multiple continents.” Additionally, Biden announced export restrictions on close to 100 entities that reportedly provided “backdoor support for Russia’s war machine.” That will limit their ability to do business in the US. These include Mechel, which produces specialty steel, and the national payment processing system the Central Bank of Russia uses.

The move should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers Biden’s warning back in 2021 that should anything happen to Navalny in prison, the Kremlin would face “devastating” consequences. The United Kingdom and European Union have also joined the US in issuing sanctions.

The circumstances around Navalny’s death remain suspicious, at best. He reportedly collapsed after a walk around the penal colony where he was serving his time. Officials say he died of natural causes, “sudden death syndrome,” leaving many unanswered questions. Navalny’s mother initially couldn’t find out where his body was, and when she did, she reportedly had a hard time accessing it until authorities finally released it to her on February 24. John Kirby, a National Security Council spokesman, said trusting Russia’s explanation is “difficult,” per CBS News.

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