US Air National Guardsman Could Face Court-Martial

US Air National Guardsman Could Face Court-Martial

( – Military personnel have access to sensitive data, and those with top-secret security clearance can access information that could put national security at risk. Sharing such information with the public or foreign agents could lead to espionage charges, which was precisely what Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira faced before agreeing to a plea deal. However, it seems his legal troubles are far from over.

An Air Force spokesperson revealed that Teixeira, who agreed to accept 16 years in prison for his federal crimes, will now have to face military criminal proceedings. The Air Force coordinated with the Justice Department and “determined that separate and distinct charges should be preferred … for alleged misconduct related to his military duties.”

Those charges include obstructing justice and failure to obey a lawful order. The first referred to his attempt to dispose of several devices, including a hard drive, cell phone, and tablet, when he learned he might face prosecution. He also allegedly asked another Discord user to delete messages between the two. The latter charge pertains to disobeying a direct command “to cease and desist from accessing information not pertaining to his duties.”

The Air Force will hold a hearing on May 14 at Massachusetts Hanscom Air Force Base to determine whether to subject the former Guardsman to a formal court martial.

Authorities arrested Teixeira in April 2023 on charges of unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or materials and retention and transmission of national defense information. The indictment soon followed in June. He has remained in federal custody since his arrest.

He pleaded guilty to accessing hundreds of classified documents and then sharing translations and images of them on social media with users not authorized to view the sensitive information. The documents bore “Secret” and “Top Secret” designations, meaning limited personnel could access them.

A judge scheduled sentencing for the federal crimes on September 27.

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