US Air Force Veteran Killed By Assailant

US Air Force Veteran Killed By Assailant

( – Some major cities around the United States are rife with violence. Philadelphia qualifies as one of those areas, with 55 people dying this year from gunshot wounds so far — a notable decrease of 30 percent from the previous year. Recently, authorities responded after the killing of a US Air Force veteran, and his death sent a ripple through the community.

The shooting took place on Tuesday, March 5, in West Philadelphia around 1:30 p.m. Air Force veteran Richard Butler, 88, had dropped his girlfriend off at home and intended to continue with his daily routine when someone ran up to his car and shot him twice. Butler tried to drive away, but didn’t make it far. Less than 30 minutes later, doctors pronounced him dead at Penn Presbyterian Hospital.

After the shooting, several details emerged, including that the suspect had allegedly waited for him. According to Butler’s family, the shooter was sitting inside a parked car for some length of time before the veteran arrived. Then, home video footage reportedly showed the suspect getting out of the car and running up to the white Hyundai Santa Fe that Butler drove.

Butler’s niece, Minette Finn, spoke with the media and told reporters he was the community’s patriarch. “Pops. Dad. Uncle. Brother to everyone,” she said, noting that anyone who met him loved him. At the time of his death, she noted he was “in his car, defenseless,” before adding, “this wasn’t a random act,” per the New York Post.

Others echoed the sentiment, saying Butler was an extremely generous man who helped people and remained very involved in the community. He was also the life of the party when the family got together, and he enjoyed dancing. He had planned to go to dinner with his girlfriend later that evening.

Authorities haven’t yet released any details about the suspect in the case or a possible motive. However, they are asking anyone with any information on the shooting to call the police at 215-686-TIPS.

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