Tyson Foods CFO Placed Under Arrest

Tyson Foods CFO Placed Under Arrest

(USNewsBreak.com) – John Randall Tyson, the heir and Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Foods, has once again found himself in legal trouble. This time, the company has temporarily replaced the CFO after authorities arrested him on several charges last week.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, June 13, the University of Arkansas police pulled Tyson over for a traffic stop. The officer suspected the motorist was intoxicated, and he arrested him on charges of driving under the influence, making an illegal turn, and careless driving. Police booked Tyson into the Washington County Detention Center and released him several hours later on a $1,105 bond. The court ordered him to appear on July 15.

After his arrest, the company took action by voting to suspend Tyson. It released a statement saying it was aware that the CFO “was arrested for an alleged DWI.” Tyson Foods suspended him “effective immediately.” The company designated Curt Calaway as the interim replacement.

This incident wasn’t the first time Tyson had gotten in trouble. In 2022, shortly after taking over as the company CFO, a woman found him sleeping in her bed. The woman did not know who he was and called the police, who arrested Tyson on charges of criminal trespass and public intoxication.

In that case, Tyson pleaded guilty and paid fines and court fees to address the charges. At the time, he also said he was seeking counseling for his alcohol abuse. Tyson also addressed the incident afterward, apologizing to investors and saying he was “embarrassed” and was “tak[ing] full responsibility for” his actions.

Tyson previously worked as an investment banker before the company named him CFO of Tyson Foods in 2022. His appointment drew a lot of controversy, particularly because he lacked the experience necessary to lead such a large company. He assumed the role at just 32 years of age, and many viewed his appointment as a nepotism hire.

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