Thieves Pull Off Crazy Heist

Thieves Pull Off Crazy Heist

( – A number of crazy heists have garnered widespread media attention over the past few decades. Who could forget the 2008 incident that drew 30 police officers to a PNC Bank, where they negotiated for hours… with a cardboard cutout? Now, the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are investigating an outrageous theft that could involve as much as $30 million. The kicker? Nobody even noticed when it happened.

The theft took place on Easter Sunday at a GardaWorld facility in Sylmar. The robbers broke into the facility through the roof and gained access to the cashier area where the organization held the money, absconding with all of it. What’s even more notable was that they did it undetected by law enforcement. In fact, nobody noticed the money was missing until the following day.

On Wednesday, AIR7 HD visited the scene and noted a cutout on the side of the building, but it remained unclear whether the damage was related to the crime. It’s also unclear exactly how much money the perpetrators stole, though media reports indicate it’s as much as $30 million.

LAPD’s Mission Division responded to the scene, where officers and forensic technicians collected evidence. The nature of the crime and the amount of money involved also meant the FBI became involved in the investigation. True crime author Scott Andrew Selby said the robbery had “all the markings of a really well-thought-out job,” and a “professional crew” likely carried it out, per the Los Angeles Times. Accordingly, investigators won’t limit the scope of their probe solely to the United States. Authorities are taking into account global schemes that include similar operational details.

Few people realized how much money resided inside the safe or vault at the time, adding more mystery to the investigation.

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