Texas Candidates Reportedly Heading for Runoff Election

Texas Candidates Reportedly Heading for Runoff Election

(USNewsBreak.com) – Representative Dade Phelan (R) is currently the speaker of the Texas House. However, he remains mired in controversy because he led the impeachment against Attorney General Ken Paxton. Phelan is currently up for re-election, going against David Covey, another Republican seeking the seat. Now, the two are heading to a primary runoff.

On Wednesday, Phelan and Covey faced off against each other on the primary ballot for Texas District 21. No Democrat ran for the seat, so whoever wins the primary takes the seat. The two candidates ran a very close race. Only percentage points separated them, with Covey leading Phelan 46.3% to 43.2%, according to reports. Since neither candidate reached 50%, they will head to a runoff, which is to take place in May.

Paxton rallied behind Covey, with Phelan in his crosshairs following the impeachment proceedings. In a statement, the AG said, “The battle lines are drawn, and our resolve has never been stronger.” He asked people to rally behind Covey and kick Phelan out of his seat as they “battle for the soul of Texas.” Covey also has the support of former President Donald Trump, which proved helpful during his campaign.

While some Republicans might now look down upon him, Phelan was once a rising power in the House. To become speaker, he had to secure the nomination of all 150 members of the state’s Lower Chamber, meaning he had to work with Democrats.

Phelan didn’t remain quiet about Paxton, either, saying that the AG is “vengeful” and “the reason Trump’s involving himself in our race.” He called out Paxton for cheating on his wife and said the extramarital affair was one more reason not to trust him. Phelan also has other allies in his corner, including former Governor Rick Perry, who sang his praises for his representation and for how he conducted business in the House.

The state has scheduled the runoff election for May 28.

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