Suspect Accused of Threatening Candidates Has Died Ahead of Verdict

Suspect Accused of Threatening Candidates Has Died Ahead of Verdict

( – Federal prosecutors indicted a 30-year-old New Hampshire man, Tyler Anderson, on three counts of transmitting a threat via interstate commerce to injure another person in December 2023. Authorities arrested him earlier that month and released him a few days later on the condition that he take all of his prescribed medications and avoid any contact with presidential candidates. Anderson’s trial recently concluded, and he was awaiting a verdict, but authorities found him dead before it came in.

On Wednesday, June 26, police found Anderson dead inside a vehicle in a Concord Hospital parking garage. The bailiffs called the Concord Police to search for the man after he failed to show up to court. They searched for about an hour and then found him in his car, looking as though he was asleep.

Authorities noted a strong chemical smell coming from the vehicle and pulled him out to check for vitals. Investigators didn’t suspect foul play and said that they found no weapons in the car.

Anderson faced trial for allegedly sending “threatening text messages to three separate presidential campaigns” dating back to November. In one of those texts, he allegedly threatened to violently kill a candidate. It was reported that in another, he threatened to carry out a mass shooting. Then, he also allegedly said he’d target everyone at a campaign event and kill a third candidate. The targets allegedly included Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, and Nikki Haley.

If the jury had convicted Anderson of the charges against him, he faced up to 15 years in federal prison, nine years of supervised release, and a potential maximum $750,000 fine.

On Tuesday, the jury said it had “reached a unanimous verdict on one indictment” but could not come to a consensus. Prosecutors are now moving to dismiss the indictment, and the file shows that the suspect has died.

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