Snapchat’s Company Reaches $15 Million Settlement

Snapchat's Company Reaches $15 Million Settlement

( – More than 100 million people in the United States use Snapchat, a messaging system where conversations between users disappear within 24 hours. While it enjoys immense popularity, the platform has come under fire from California’s civil rights agency for alleged discrimination practices affecting female workers. It has now agreed to settle the case against it.

The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) launched a three-year probe into Snap, Inc. after it received multiple “claims of employment discrimination, equal pay violations,” harassment, and retaliation. The CRD accused the company of failing to enact workplace protections for women to ensure they received equal pay or promotions.

Many reported supervisors passing them over or actively discouraging them from applying for promotions. Other claimants said they were harassed and received unwanted advances. They complained that if they spoke up, they experienced retaliations. The retaliatory efforts reportedly included termination, negative performance reviews, and denied growth opportunities in the company.

On June 19, the CRD issued a press release announcing it was successful in coming to a $15-million settlement with Snap, Inc. The company agreed to pay the agreed-upon amount to settle the case. Most of the money, $14.5 million, will go toward compensating workers. Snap, Inc. also agreed to other concessions as part of the deal, including

  • Compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Mandated staff training on discrimination prevention
  • Hiring an independent consultant to “evaluate and make recommendations” as to the company’s promotional and compensation policies
  • Ensuring any staffing companies Snap, Inc. uses comply with state protections
  • Hiring a third-party monitor to evaluate the company’s compliance and provide recommendations

Women who worked for the company during the last 10 years may be eligible for compensation from the settlement. The settlement administrator will notify those covered by the current complaint regarding the next steps in the process.

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