Sheriff’s Deputy Dies After Medical Emergency During Struggle

Sheriff's Deputy Dies After Medical Emergency During Struggle

( – Police officers put their lives on the line daily when they put on their uniforms. The risks often come with the inability to predict how an encounter will go, but sometimes, officers experience a medical emergency while on duty. That’s what happened to a sheriff’s deputy in Virginia, and he recently passed away.

On Sunday, June 9, Sgt. Floyd H. Miles, Jr., 45, was monitoring traffic in Charles City County when he encountered a moped rider. The vehicle fell onto Miles’ patrol car, and Miles noticed that the person had blood on him. The person told the deputy that someone was after him, trying to kill him. To protect the man, Miles put him in the back of his police car and called for an ambulance to check over him.

When the ambulance arrived, first responders placed the man in the back, and Miles went to check on him. The person then allegedly became combative and struck Miles, who struggled to restrain him.

While the fight ensued, Miles experienced what the Charles City County Sheriff’s Office called a “medical emergency.” The agency didn’t elaborate on the nature of the emergency, although his memorial page claimed he suffered a heart attack. An ambulance rushed the deputy to the hospital, where he unfortunately succumbed to his condition.

In a statement on Facebook, the Sheriff’s office detailed the incident and spoke about Miles, a man they say truly loved his hometown. He served on the force for 16 years, including Patrol Supervisor and Animal Control duties. Miles had also recently graduated from Animal Control School and planned to continue in that vein.

The sheriff’s office also provided an update on the man purportedly involved in the altercation. The agency said first responders transported him to a local hospital, where he remained under observation and examination. Virginia State Police are investigating the incident, though it’s unclear whether the moped rider is facing any charges.

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