Scott Peterson Pushes To Have Conviction Overturned

Scott Peterson Pushes To Have Conviction Overturned

( – The world watched on with bated breath in late 2002 while authorities looked for Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Nearly four months later, the bodies of her and her unborn son washed up on shore. Her husband, Scott Peterson, was the only suspect in the murder, especially after it came to light that he had carried on an affair. In 2004, a jury convicted him of both his wife’s and unborn child’s deaths and then sentenced him to death by lethal injection in a 2005 ruling that another court overturned 15 years later. However, that court upheld his conviction. Since then, Peterson has worked tirelessly to overturn it. He recently appeared virtually in court in his fight.

Peterson Appeals, Maintains His Innocence

Peterson has maintained he was innocent of the crime since authorities found Laci’s body and that of her unborn son. He is appealing the first- and second-degree murder convictions. Multiple appeal attempts have tied up the case in court for decades. Now, he has new representation and is once again trying to prove his innocence.

Peterson appeared virtually in court for a hearing on Tuesday, March 12, where his attorney asked the judge to consider multiple motions, including one to seal documents, engage in post-conviction discovery, and conduct DNA testing. The bench arranged hearing dates for those motions on April 16, July 15, and May 29, respectively. During his appearance, the convicted murderer also asked the courts to allow him to appear remotely moving forward.

A Robbery Next Door and DNA Testing

Since the early days of the case, Peterson had insinuated that the suspects in a robbery across the street could be responsible for his wife’s death. Prosecutors in the case dismissed the line of thinking, saying the crime took place on December 26, but Peterson reported Laci missing two days prior, on Christmas Eve. Detectives relied heavily on the testimony of Amber Frey, his mistress, and circumstantial evidence to make their case.

As part of the motion for discovery, Peterson’s legal team is looking to introduce evidence connected to that burglary, including a stained mattress found in a van less than a mile from his home. The Los Angeles Innocence Project got involved in January and is seeking DNA testing on that mattress and a hammer connected to the robbery.

Peterson had also tried to appeal the case by claiming that he didn’t have a fair trial and accusing one of the jurors of misconduct. The judge denied the basis for that appeal.

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