Russia Reportedly Targets US Citizens With Falsified Video

Russia Reportedly Targets US Citizens With Falsified Video

( – A recent video surfaced about a possible threat to Americans traveling to Paris for the summer Olympics. However, authorities reportedly are warning that this footage is fake.

Russia is reportedly using AI to create fake videos. According to CBS News, they used to create a fake full-length feature film starring Tom Cruise, showing that it’s possible to fool people who remain unaware of the flags to look for to identify fake material. The video allegedly created by Russia claims to be from the CIA and warns Americans not to use the Paris subways because of the possibility of a terror attack during the Olympics.

The CIA, however, reportedly said that the footage, which CBS News determined appeared first on Telegram and then spread to fake news websites and finally social media, was “a fabrication, has no connection to [the agency] and does not represent” its view. Viewers have accessed the video more than 100,000 times, showing how just one video can quickly gain a lot of reach.

Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center General Manager Clint Watts said bad actors affiliated with Russia “are hoping to sow disinformation, [making it seem that] there is a likelihood of violence during the Games.”

While that video was the first, another one appeared on June 13. This one reportedly showed a French official condemning the CIA for creating alarm about a possible threat. CBS determined someone fabricated that video, too.

European Union (EU) officials are currently investigating social media platforms X, formerly Twitter, and Meta to determine whether they violated laws. EU investigators are also exploring whether Telegram might need stricter regulations, like the ones to which the aforementioned social media platforms conform.

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