Road Rage Incident Leaves Child Dead

Road Rage Incident Leaves Child Dead

( – Disney released “Motor Mania” in 1950. The cartoon depicted the typically docile Goofy as a menace behind the wheel, letting his road rage take over. Filmmakers meant the short clip to highlight the dangers of not driving safely. Sadly, it’s a real-world problem that has real-world consequences. A recent road rage incident in California left a child dead and a family grieving.

The incident occurred on the evening of Friday, December 15, when a car was traveling along Lancaster, California’s Sierra Highway, and became the victim of road rage. Another vehicle cut the car off and then followed it as the driver wound “through several surface streets,” according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department statement. When the victim slowed down, the suspect driver did, too, pulling up alongside the vehicle and firing a gun. One of the bullets hit a 4-year-old boy in the backseat in the torso area. Authorities later identified him as Gor Adamyan.

Though Adamyan’s parents immediately transported the boy to the hospital, doctors pronounced him dead. Police immediately began working on the investigation, and thanks to video footage from cameras throughout the city and the victim driver’s dashcam, they were able to find the alleged perpetrators. Authorities then arrested two people in connection with the crime, 29-year-old Byron Burkhart and 27-year-old Alexandria Gentile. They were both charged with murder.

The child’s parents have spoken out about the incident, demanding justice and that the two suspects go to jail for life, according to ABC News. Family spokesperson Miguel Coronado said the mother explained they were heading to the supermarket when the incident occurred. She revealed more details, including that when the car pulled up next to them, the woman handed the shooter the weapon. She then heard her son cry out “something to the effect that I’m hurt,” and that was the last thing he said.

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