RNC Head Counsel Steps Down

RNC Head Counsel Steps Down

(USNewsBreak.com) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) underwent some serious changes in March. The leader, Ronna McDaniel, stepped down after the presumptive nominee, former President Donald Trump, made it clear that’s what he wanted. Michael Whatley took the helm, and Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, co-chairs. Around the same time, the RNC brought in a new head of legal counsel. However, only two months into the position, he’s now out.

On Saturday, May 4, sources familiar with the situation reportedly said lead counsel Charlie Spies was parting ways with the organization. Rumors indicate RNC leaders pushed the attorney out. Yet, RNC spokesperson Danielle Alvarez told The Hill Spies was leaving because of time conflicts related to his schedule.

The RNC courted Spies because of his extensive knowledge of election law. The organization hoped to leverage that knowledge to gain a pre-emptive legal advantage at the polls. However, Spies has his own firm. When he approached RNC Chief of Staff Chris LaCivita about time commitments, it became clear that “he cannot do this role full time and still maintain the obligations to his law firm that he has spent years successfully building.” As a result, Spies reportedly decided to leave the RNC position.

A potential conflict of interest also contributed to the decision. Spies, who expanded on PACs after the Citizens United v. FEC decision, reportedly disputed Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims. Democratic National Committee Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd believed Spies’ refusal to support Trump’s claims worked against the election law attorney.

Spies had also previously represented Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) during the Republican primary and worked with other prominent GOP members on campaigns, including Senator Mitt Romney (UT) and Jeb Bush. He also filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Trump in 2015.

In a statement, Spies noted that working for the RNC “wasn’t the right fit,” but he remained firmly committed to helping Republicans — including Trump — win elections this fall.

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