RFK Jr. Faces Heavy Resistance as He Seeks Ballot Access

RFK Jr. Faces Heavy Resistance as He Seeks Ballot Access

(USNewsBreak.com) – In the early days of the primary races, Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK) sought to win on the Democratic ticket. When it became apparent that he was a very long-shot candidate, he abandoned that strategy in favor of running independently. Now, he’s facing an uphill battle to obtain ballot access in all 50 states.

On June 28, RFK was on the ballot in five states: Delaware, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah. He met the qualification threshold, which required collecting a specific number of signatures and filing the paperwork with the respective bodies. However, Democrats fought him every step of the way.

In several states, including New Jersey, the Left has even filed lawsuits trying to disqualify RFK from securing access. Scott Salmon, an election lawyer in the state, filed a complaint in New Jersey’s Superior Court in Mercer County. He claimed Kennedy was abusing the process. Salmon is attempting to use the “sore loser law,” preventing politicians from trying to skirt the system when they lose a primary race.

This legal challenge wasn’t Salmon’s first foray into such matters. The attorney was instrumental in keeping the rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, from appearing on the state’s ballot in 2020.

In North Carolina, the state Board of Elections voted on Wednesday, June 26, against giving ballot access to new parties supporting candidates Cornel West and Kennedy. The chairman, Alan Hirsch, said issues surrounded “petition-gatherers who have been problematic.”

Like Salmon in New Jersey, commissioners have expressed concerns that Kennedy’s allies are trying to create a new party and get Kennedy nominated. The move would require the candidate to obtain fewer signatures than gaining a spot as an independent.

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