Reuters Wants Investigation Into Journalist’s Death

Reuters Wants Investigation Into Journalist's Death

( – When Hamas attacked Israel on the morning of October 7, it set off an immediate storm of fighting. Reporters from many publications remain present on the ground, putting their lives at risk to tell the story of what’s happening as the ongoing conflict plays out. Sadly, journalists who operate in war zones do sometimes lose their lives, and the Israel-Palestine war is no exception. Now, one editor-in-chief is calling for answers.

Reuters is just one of the media companies providing live updates on the Israel-Hamas war. However, three of its reporters recently got too close to the fire and came under attack. One man, 37-year-old Issam Abdallah of Lebanon, was killed in the clash. Alessandra Galloni, Reuters’ editor-in-chief, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to call for a transparent investigation — one where people receive “clear evidence and explanation.”

Available details state that Abdallah was on the ground providing a live signal so broadcasters could air footage as it happened. According to media reports, a shell originating in Israel struck the journalist as troops in the Jewish State exchanged cross-border fire with forces located in nearby Lebanon.

Galloni called on Israeli authorities to carry out the investigation swiftly and thoroughly and urged “all parties in this conflict to respect and work with all media” to ensure journalists’ safety, noting that it’s important for the world to see what’s happening. She didn’t stop there, though. The editor-in-chief also called for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to clarify the conflicts’ “terms of engagement.”

Abdallah was buried at home in Lebanon on Saturday, October 14. He leaves behind his mother and two siblings. The other two reporters injured in the attack that killed Abdallah were treated for their injuries at a hospital and released.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 19 journalists have died in the attack as of October 18. Eight others were reported as injured while three are either being held hostage or are missing.

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