Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips Gives Up

Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips Gives Up

( – The presidential primaries are well underway, and many states have held their events. Voters have gone to the polling places to cast their ballots, and the list of candidates has slowly but surely dwindled over the past few months. While more than a dozen Republicans initially vied for the nomination, only three Democratic candidates entered the race. Now, the Democratic field has narrowed to two.

The leading Democratic party candidate remains none other than incumbent Joe Biden. His challengers, author Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), have garnered very little support among voters. In fact, Williamson at one point suspended her campaign, though she has since revived it. Phillips, on the other hand, has decided to end his bid for the nomination.

Following Phillips’ dismal results from Super Tuesday, where he earned no delegates, he dropped out of the race. According to POLITICO, he was a guest on “The Chad Hartman Show,” where he said “Democratic primary voters have opined” that he wasn’t their guy “clearly and convincingly.” He threw his weight behind Biden, giving the current president his endorsement.

Phillips explained his reason for endorsing Biden. Despite his more advanced age, the legislator insisted, “he is still a man of competency and decency and integrity.” By comparison, the Minnesota representative referred to former President Donald Trump as “a very dangerous, dangerous man.”

The following day, Phillips announced that he was not running for his seat again, either, and had no desire to seek out the possibility of running on a third-party ticket, which he said wouldn’t be successful.

Phillips’ exit from the race leaves only Biden and Williamson on the Democratic primary ticket. However, Williamson is considered a very long shot to the White House. Biden currently sits at 1,623 delegates; he needs 1,968 to win. Williamson currently has none. In total, there are 3,936 Democratic delegates.

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