Plane Carrying Skydivers Kills Person During Crash Landing

Plane Carrying Skydivers Kills Person During Crash Landing

( – Millions of people go skydiving each year, many seeking the thrill of the adventure. For most of them, the trips and jumps go off seamlessly, leaving them with lasting memories of their descents. However, every now and then, something goes wrong, and it can have devastating consequences. A recent event in Southern Mexico highlights that the activity remains risky even when you plan properly.

On Sunday, February 10, four Canadian skydivers were out for a jump when their plane crash-landed on a Puerto Escondido beach. Sadly, the beach was quite busy that day, and the aircraft came down almost directly on top of a 62-year-old man enjoying the lovely weather with his wife and taking pictures of the scenery. The accident killed him. Officials had not disclosed his nationality at the time of writing.

In the aftermath, authorities did not release a reason for the crash, but officials say it seemed the pilot was attempting an emergency landing. There were five people onboard the aircraft: a pilot plus the skydivers.

In a statement on Facebook, the Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil y Gestión de Riesgos (Oaxaca State Civil Defense Office) said that the four Canadians onboard, ages 60, 41, 35, and 59 years, were being treated for their injuries and were in “stable” condition. Their names were not released.

Puerto Global posted video footage of the aftermath of the crash, showing beachgoers pulling at least one person out of the plane, which had “Skydive Puerto Escondido” on the side. State Governor Salomon Jara posted on X, formerly Twitter, that the state was mobilizing resources to help the injured. He also said that the government “will provide all the necessary support and accompany [the victim’s loved ones] in the face of their irreparable loss.”

The man’s wife was nearby when the accident happened but remained uninjured.

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