Passenger Arrested for Punching Airline Employee

Passenger Arrested for Punching Airline Employee

( – Over the past few years, many violent incidents have occurred on planes. These instances put the passengers and airline personnel at risk. Recently, authorities arrested a man for attacking and hospitalizing an employee.

On Monday, November 27, 29-year-old Bruno Luke Machiavelo from Connecticut was on an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York when he asked an attendant for assistance before takeoff. He wanted to know whether he could get his medication because he was prone to panic attacks. The problem was that he’d placed the medicine in checked baggage, which flight attendants couldn’t access. The manager intervened after the attendant said she couldn’t help him, and responded by saying he “took planes down” with panic attacks previously. The flight staff decided to remove the man from the plane. That’s when things really went wrong.

Machiavelo began to scream and turned violent. He allegedly punched the manager, a woman, several times in the face before throwing her to the floor. She hit her head, leading to her hospitalization. He ran off the plane, where he assaulted another employee before other passengers waiting in the airport terminal subdued him until authorities arrived to take him into custody.

Authorities booked the man and charged him with disorderly conduct, battery, aggravated battery, and resisting an officer without violence. Police took him to the hospital for treatment before taking him to jail.

Following the incident, American Airlines released a statement about the attack. The company said it wouldn’t tolerate “acts of violence against our colleagues […] and we are committed to working closely with law enforcement” while they conduct their investigation. The airline also committed its support to its injured staff members.

The manager suffered permanent scarring to her face and head, and the other employee received injuries to her hands.

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