Nikki Haley Dismisses Idea of Running as a Third-Party Candidate

Nikki Haley Dismisses Idea of Running as a Third-Party Candidate

( – The primary season is well underway, with Super Tuesday having passed. There are only two candidates for the Republican nomination: former President Donald Trump and former US Ambassador Nikki Haley. Trump was projected to win every state on Super Tuesday except Vermont, despite Haley’s best efforts to set herself apart. Speculation has arisen recently that his rival may switch parties to stay in the race. However, she has already shot down the idea as of March 5.

What Is No Labels?

No Labels is a political organization that supports bipartisanship and centrism to bring leaders together to solve the problems Americans are facing today. Former Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobsen founded the party in 2010, and it’s looking to offer up a candidate in the 2024 presidential election, citing how most people don’t have faith in either incumbent President Joe Biden or his expected rival, Trump.

The organization is working to get on ballots across the country, and if it does, it could feature both a Democrat and Republican as election options. The party expects to hold a virtual convention on Friday, March 8. During that time, the organization is looking to find a candidate to put on the ticket, and according to Juan Williams of The Hill, Haley has become the top choice.

Haley Dismisses No Labels Party

For her part, Haley has said she’s more than content with the Republican Party and previously vowed to stick it out in her race against Trump for the nomination. She has pointed out many issues she believes should deter voters, including his numerous court cases, his undermining of US support for Ukraine, and his policies, which she says would “bankrupt Social Security.” When asked while speaking to supporters why she stayed in the race against the defacto Republican Party leader, she said she has “no fear of Trump’s retribution.”

Williams seems to believe that by distancing herself from the former president’s far-right extremism, she’s positioning herself as a Moderate, which would play well with No Labels. In fact, most of her supporters thus far have been Independents or Conservatives who say they will not vote for Trump even if he wins the nomination.

During a Fox News appearance on March 5, Haley made clear that she isn’t planning to run as an Independent or No Labels candidate. “I am a Conservative Republican,” she said, adding that she always has been and she thinks it’s “terrible” that people seem to think one must be a Democrat if they don’t support Trump.

Following the end of Super Tuesday, news outlets reported that Haley would be suspending her presidential campaign. During a Wednesday speech, she thanked her supporters and said she didn’t have any regrets about running. She promised to continue using her voice despite no longer seeking the presidency.

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