New York Governor Proposes Over $2 Billion To Address Migration

New York Governor Proposes Over $2 Billion To Address Migration

( – The issue at the border has been a huge source of controversy in recent years. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) launched Operation Lone Star to crack down on illegal immigration, which has caused significant tension with the Biden administration. As of January 12, the state has transported more than 100,000 migrants to so-called sanctuary cities, including New York City, which has received more than 37,000 since August 2022. Now, the state is looking at spending billions to address the issue.

The announcement came on Tuesday, January 16, when Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) said she wants to spend a large amount to help deal with the influx of immigrants New York has seen. As part of the Empire State’s budget proposal, Hochul wants to allocate $2.4 billion to provide legal assistance, shelter, and other services to asylum seekers. There are 70,000 migrants in New York City alone.

According to AP, Hochul said the state wants to do the “right thing,” but she’s also aware “companies won’t do business [in the state] if there are thousands of people sleeping on the streets” and affecting the quality of life. Not everyone is happy about the designating so much money to the cause. Will Barclay, New York Assembly Republican Minority Leader, said he isn’t “thrilled to have to spend any money on the migrant crisis” when the Biden Administration hasn’t taken steps to secure the border.

Hochul also called on the federal government for more assistance, a repeated cry for help that has seemingly gone unanswered. She has visited Washington several times over the past few months to discuss the influx and said the state will “be swimming against the tide” until federal policy changes slow down the number of border crossings.

In addition to the $2.4 billion for immigration issues, Hochul is also asking the state legislature for $40 million to develop a plan for cracking down on crime, namely retail theft, and $35.3 billion to fund educational endeavors, such as universal pre-K programs in the state.

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