Murder Suspect Was Released Due To Clerical Error

Murder Suspect Was Released Due To Clerical Error

( – When authorities arrest someone on suspicion of murder, a court often remands the suspect without bail or bond due to the crime’s seriousness. Law enforcement considers such suspects dangerous to the public and typically keeps them behind bars until they complete their trial. In some cases, judges will allow suspects a release from custody on the condition that they secure high-value bonds. However, in Ohio, a clerical error resulted in jailers releasing an accused murderer back to the streets without paying his $1 million bond.

On Monday afternoon, June 24, the Cuyahoga County Jail released Amarion Sanders after a clerk made a “typographical error” in the court’s docket entries, causing his case to be “inadvertently dismissed.” He didn’t remain free for long, though, as US Marshals quickly moved to apprehend him, which they did on Wednesday morning. The jail was holding Sanders because he had failed to make bond.

The Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas released a statement about the case, saying it “deeply regret[s] the error” and would be reviewing its procedures and collaborating “with the Sheriff’s Department to determine” best practices to prevent similar incidents from occurring “in the future.”

Prosecutors indicted Sanders last fall on charges of felonious assault, murder, and aggravated murder for the September 23 death of Derrick Driskill. The incident stemmed from a fender bender, where a car struck Driskill’s Mercedes. Sanders was a passenger in the vehicle that hit Driskill’s car, and prosecutors accused him of arguing with Driskill before shooting him in the head and fleeing. Driskill died of his injuries two days later.

Driskill’s widow learned of Sanders’ release on Tuesday and said she “honestly [couldn’t] understand how that happens … you would think there’s more than one person that something like that goes through.” She noted concern about her and her family’s safety and expressed concern for the community because Sanders was free to harm someone else.

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