Multiple Americans Lose Lives in Israel

Multiple Americans Lose Lives in Israel

( – In the early morning hours of October 6, sirens went off in Israel, waking people up as Hamas launched an attack on the nation, killing hundreds and injuring many more. Thousands of missiles rained down, surprising officials despite the nation’s intelligence technology. Not only did the Hamas fire rockets, but they also crossed into the country with multiple vehicles and attacked nearly two dozen locations. In the aftermath, many Israelis and a number of Americans were dead, and many more are unaccounted for.

The White House released a statement from President Joe Biden with the “heart-wrenching” revelation that at least 11 Americans had died in the attack. Officials have been working with Israel to “obtain more information as to [the] whereabouts” of those unaccounted for. Biden also said that the White House believes Hamas is holding some American citizens as hostages, and he has directed his “team to work with their Israeli counterparts,” including “sharing intelligence and deploying experts” to aid in recovery efforts. On October 10, Biden said in public remarks that the number of Americans confirmed dead was up to 14, with the total death toll in Israel topping 1,000.

Biden has pledged to provide his support to Israel, calling the two nations “inseparable partners” and ensuring that the US will provide the nation with the necessities to defend its land and people.

On Monday, October 9, Israel ordered a blockade of the Gaza Strip, which meant it was cutting off electricity, food, and fuel. The country formally declared war the day prior, launching Operation Swords of Iron, which involved bombing the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered residents to evacuate, but many of the millions of residents were trapped in the Mediterranean territory.

The decision to cut off supplies to the Gaza Strip is a controversial one because it’s considered a war crime under international law. It’s likely to draw even more attention to Netanyahu, who is already on trial for corruption charges, and to the military for what’s being called the worst intelligence failure the country has seen in 50 years.

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