Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Effort To Oust Johnson Fails

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Effort To Oust Johnson Fails

( – Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R) has remained a polarizing figure in the House. She is a hardline Republican who staunchly stands behind former President Donald Trump. For the past few months, she has kept House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) in her crosshairs, citing his willingness to work across the aisle with Democrats as a reason to oust him from the Speaker’s chair. In March, she filed a motion to vacate. She recently tried to trigger a vote on the matter, but the House quickly defeated her motion.

On Wednesday, May 8, Greene tried to bring the motion to vacate to the House floor for a vote. She read a long list of alleged transgressions Johnson had committed while serving as the lower chamber’s leader. Greene went so far as to criticize his leadership as being “pathetic, weak, and unacceptable.” Then she triggered — or attempted to trigger — a vote to oust him.

Unfortunately for Greene, the House Majority Leader, Steve Scalise (R-LA), immediately countered. He called for a vote to table the motion, which passed 359 to 43, with the majority of Democrats siding with Republicans. Only 10 abstained from casting a decision, simply voting “present.” Only 11 members, mainly from the Freedom Caucus, voted with Greene on the GOP side.

Johnson spoke after the vote, defending his leadership style. He said he’s “made clear every day, [he] intend[s] to do [his] job.” In doing so, he “let the chips fall where they may” and expressed hope that this “is the end of the personality politics.”

The move may have come as a surprise to some, especially since Greene met with Johnson the day before in an attempt to smooth over the tensions between the two. Former President Donald Trump has publicly praised the leader and had reportedly asked Greene to back him, if only for party unification ahead of the 2024 election.

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