Manhunt Over After Authorities Find Body

Manhunt Over After Authorities Find Body

( – Generally, prisons and jails are very secure to keep the inmates convicted of crimes from escaping. However, sometimes, prisoners become very crafty and manage to sneak out of a facility in hopes of never going back. One convicted criminal recently made his escape.

On November 30, 34-year-old Gino Hagenkotter escaped from Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was on work detail at the time, helping in an orchard, when he asked to go to the bathroom. A guard noticed Hagenkotter had been missing for a while, so officials looked at the surveillance video and saw him jumping over a fence and walking down a nearby street. The ensuing manhunt lasted for nearly two weeks.

Hagenkotter was in jail for charges related to theft and burglary. Officials believe he had learned jailers wouldn’t move him into a transitional program that day as originally planned due to a matter in Bucks County and used that as his reason to escape. Authorities finally found the inmate on December 11 in a warehouse in the Kensington neighborhood.

Philadelphia Fire Department medics pronounced Hagenkotter dead on the scene. Officials used fingerprint analysis to identify him as the missing inmate. On Thursday, December 14, health officials reported the cause of Hagenkotter’s death as an accidental drug overdose. The US Marshals notified his family.

Hagenkotter wasn’t the first prisoner in Pennsylvania to escape this year. In May, Nasir Grant and Ameen Hurst went missing from the same facility, but authorities caught them after 10 days. Then, Danelo Cavelcante escaped from the Chester County Prison and took authorities on a 14-day chase. All of these incidents occurred in Philadelphia.

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