Man Found 26 Years After Disappearance

Man Found 26 Years After Disappearance

( – The Algerian Civil War, a battle that lasted from December 1991 to January 2002, was a bloody battle between the government and rebel groups. During the conflict, hundreds of thousands of people went missing or died. When an abductor kidnapped one teen, his family thought he had become a casualty of the war. It turned out the reason behind his disappearance was much more sinister. After 26 years, authorities have finally found him.

When a man aired his grievances on social media over an alleged inheritance dispute with his brother, family members descended on the home of said brother, a 61-year-old doorman, identified only by his initials B.A. While searching his house, they discovered a man hiding in haystacks located in the cellar.

It turned out the man was none other than Omar bin Omran, the teen who went missing in 1998. He was sitting there quietly, just 200 yards from his childhood home. Lad Bible published pictures and a video of Omran’s discovery. He looks stunned and confused in them. Sadly, his mother passed away in 2013 without ever knowing what happened to her son.

Omran told authorities he was under a spell all those years and couldn’t call for help. A doctor who saw the victim transferred him to a psychological health ward to obtain the care he needed. The Algerian justice ministry said the crime was “heinous,” though it didn’t go into any details about the nature of what the victim endured all those years.

Authorities took the suspect into custody after he tried to flee. They also accused him of killing Omran’s dog all those years ago to prevent the then-teen’s family from discovering the whereabouts of their missing child. Officials insist they will conduct an investigation and will try the suspect with “severity.” Authorities didn’t divulge the motive for Omran’s kidnapping.

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