Man Fires at, Kills Alleged Intruder in Home

Man Fires at, Kills Alleged Intruder in Home

( – According to recent reports, an armed homeowner in Indiana shot and killed an alleged intruder last week. Police are currently investigating the incident.

On Sunday, October 15, a homeowner in Kokomo, Indiana, was sleeping when he was roused by noises in his living room. He reportedly discovered an unwelcome man in his home and told him to get out. When the man attacked him and refused to stop, he grabbed his gun and shot him. The homeowner then called the police to report the break-in.

Authorities arrived on the scene just before 9 p.m. to assess the situation. They later identified the alleged intruder as 51-year-old Scott Elliot Jones. They tried to employ lifesaving measures when they found him at the front door of the residence, but he died from his injuries.

The homeowner, who appeared to have multiple bruises and abrasions, has yet to be named. Authorities, including the Howard County Coroner’s Office, which is performing an autopsy on Jones’ body, are assisting in the probe. Once the investigation is complete, the case is to be forwarded to the Howard County prosecutor to determine whether the homeowner will face any charges for the shooting.

Indiana is one of nearly 30 states in the country that has a stand your ground law, where there is no duty to retreat from an attacker before employing defensive measures. When asked by Fox News Digital if it was considered a self-defense case, a police spokesman said they were not commenting on an active investigation.

Anyone with any information about the shooting to either call with tips or submit their information anonymously using the Kokomo Police Department’s phone app.

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