Major Explosion Causes Multiple Deaths in China

Major Explosion Causes Multiple Deaths in China

( – Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and cause deadly explosions. A recent explosion that rocked Hebei, a northern province, focused a spotlight on the issue. Several people died, and dozens received injuries in the horrific blast.

The explosion happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 13, at a fried chicken shop in Sanhe city. Officials believe the restaurant, located at the base of a residential building, experienced a gas leak, resulting in the blast. Video footage showed the moment it happened, releasing a large orange fireball that took doors off of buildings and destroyed cars on the surrounding streets. Three buildings suffered significant damage in the explosion, with one structure left in a skeletal condition. Videos from different viewpoints went viral on Chinese social media sites.

Initially, reports said two people died, but as of the time of writing, authorities have revised the number upward to seven. Reports of more than 27 injured also surfaced, with local hospitals saying they had discharged 14 of those. Officials opened an investigation into the blast, though they say preliminary findings indicate a gas leak caused the detonation. They weren’t yet sure of the specific cause or the exact location of the suspected leak. As of Wednesday afternoon, firefighters had doused the fire, and officials had evacuated residents who lived within 1,640 feet of the blast site.

President Xi Jinping has started cracking down on enforcement of safety standards, and the government issued detailed guidelines on using cookers and gas appliances in 2023. Another explosion in the country’s Ningxia region spurred the move. That tragedy resulted in the deaths of 31 people.

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