Liz Cheney Indicates She’s Weighing Third-Party Run

Liz Cheney Indicates She's Weighing Third-Party Run

( – Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, once sat atop the Republican Party as its highest-ranking woman. Then, she opposed former President Donald Trump and received significant backlash from her own party. The Wyoming maverick hasn’t let that stop her, though. Cheney recently wrote a book, and now, she’s considering a presidential run — as a third-party candidate.

Cheney became and remains one of the most outspoken critics of the former president. In her book, she takes him to task for his alleged role in the January 6 riots. In an interview with The Washington Post on Monday, December 4, the former House Republican Conference chair talked about her belief that “democracy is at risk at home,” speaking of the US. She blames Trump’s continued hold on the GOP for this concern.

Committed to doing what’s necessary to keep Trump from ever gaining office again, Cheney said she might just consider a third-party run. While critics have said that doing so could draw votes away from President Joe Biden, she said she will weigh that fact in her analysis about whether to put her name in the running.

Gaining listings on ballots would be an uphill battle for Cheney. While she retains popularity with a segment of voters, third-party candidates must meet specific criteria before states consider listing them on ballots. She would either have to secure her own place on the ballot, a costly endeavor, or tie herself to a third party with ballot access. Then, she’d need to position herself in front of the US voters in a national debate, which requires a minimum of 15% support in polls.

Alternatively, Cheney said she would consider casting her vote for Biden and campaigning for him as well. She also wants to use her influence to dissuade Trump loyalists in Congress because she believes that a vote for Trump in 2024 might just mean a vote for dictatorship.

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