Kamala Harris Agrees To Debate Trump’s Running Mate

Kamala Harris Agrees To Debate Trump's Running Mate

(USNewsBreak.com) – The 2024 election is just months away now. Both presumptive candidates have hit the campaign trails, hoping to land voters squarely in their corner. However, while former President Donald Trump hasn’t announced his vice presidential pick — and likely won’t until this summer — VP Kamala Harris is already campaigning for her team. Now, she has agreed to debate whoever Trump picks as his running mate.

CBS News recently invited Harris to debate the eventual Republican VP pick — and she accepted. The network will host the event, which will take place in-studio either on July 23 or August 13. Harris encouraged Trump’s camp to agree to the debate, but it didn’t immediately comment. The former president has said he’ll likely announce his running mate during the Republican convention, set to begin on July 15.

President Joe Biden and Trump are facing two upcoming debates between June 27 and September 10. Biden extended an invitation to his rival, essentially challenging him to accept — which he immediately did. There were stipulations, though. First, the debates will not take place in front of an audience. The Biden campaign called the crowds a distraction that takes away from candidates’ time to make their viewpoints known.

Additionally, Biden stipulated that the debates remain between Trump and himself with no third-party candidates involved. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. objected to this stipulation on social media, saying the two were afraid that he would win. Finally, CNN and ABC would host the debates, despite the Trump campaign requesting one of the more conservative news networks.

In the meantime, Harris is hitting the campaign trail hard, trying to “influence the margins” by reaching out to the minority communities to secure their support. Her chief of staff, Sheila Nix, said Harris has “been mobilizing a lot of the voters that [Democrats] need … like young people, women, voters of color.”

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