Judge Rejects Most DNA Testing Requests in Scott Peterson Case

Judge Rejects Most DNA Testing Requests in Scott Peterson Case

(USNewsBreak.com) – Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant, disappeared nearly 22 years ago. A jury convicted her husband, Scott Peterson, 20 years ago of murdering her and their unborn son. Peterson received a life sentence in prison but has always maintained he wasn’t guilty. The Los Angeles Innocence Project took his case, and he has tried to get a new trial with no success. Now, he’s received another blow.

As part of the process of trying to prove his innocence, Peterson’s attorneys submitted a motion to allow the 14 pieces of evidence used to convict him to undergo another round of DNA testing. However, a San Mateo County judge denied the requests for all but one piece of evidence — a piece of duct tape on Laci’s pants that coroners found during her autopsy.

Coroners initially tested the duct tape in 2003, but technicians found that the “DNA was not of an acceptable quality to generate a profile.” Now, with newer technology available, they can try again. It’s unclear when this might happen. However, while that might be a small win for The Los Angeles Innocence Project, the court’s refusal to allow testing on 13 other pieces of evidence signals a significant blow.

The attorneys tried to have a mattress, glove, and hammer that detectives found as part of a nearby burglary case tested, as well as debris that washed up onshore alongside Laci’s body.

Peterson has tried to direct the prosecution’s attention to the robbery that took place, saying the burglars could have killed his wife. However, the prosecutors maintain that “overwhelming” evidence remains that he is, indeed, guilty.

The courts have mostly denied Peterson’s attempts at appealing his life sentence. Thus far, he has only succeeded in overturning the death penalty. Unless some significant piece of evidence surfaces, he will now spend the rest of his life in jail.

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