Judge Decides Bob Menendez and Wife Nadine Will Have Different Trials

Judge Decides Bob Menendez and Wife Nadine Will Have Different Trials

(USNewsBreak.com) – New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D) and his wife, Nadine Menendez, are facing several bribery and corruption charges. The trial was due to begin for both parties on May 6, but Ms. Menendez’s attorneys have asked for a delay because she is reportedly facing a “serious medical condition” that requires surgery and recovery time. The judge in the case, Sidney Stein, ruled in her favor. Now, the courts will try the two separately.

Attorneys first notified the court of Ms. Menendez’s condition on Tuesday, April 9. It pointed to a recent diagnosis and treatment plan in which she would undergo surgery in four to six weeks and could also require “possibly significant follow-up and recovery treatment.” Because of this, her legal team pointed out the possibility that she might be unable to assist them in preparing for her trial. The lawyers didn’t publicize her illness but instead provided information to the judge under seal. Judge Stein also gave Ms. Menendez a month to obtain new counsel after her attorneys requested to withdraw from the case.

On Thursday, April 11, one of Sen. Menendez’s attorneys, Adam Fee, asked that his client start trial on May 6 as originally scheduled. He told the judge, “Every day of delay is prejudicial to him” because the longer the “unproven allegations are in the air […] is a detriment to him.” Moreover, they explained that a delay would hinder his chances of running for reelection in the general election this November. While he said he would not run as a Democrat, he has not ruled out running as an independent.

However, Federal prosecutors did not want to try the husband and wife separately because they feared it would lead to two lengthy federal trials. The judge ruled against them.

Fee acknowledged in a statement his client’s win and said the legal team and Mr. Menendez are “looking forward to trial and proving that these charges lack merit.”

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