John Fetterman Gets Pushback Over Stance On Israel

John Fetterman Gets Pushback Over Stance On Israel

( – When Hamas attacked Israel and took the Jewish state by surprise on October 7, it caused a shockwave that spread around the world. In the United States, the ongoing conflict has created divisions, particularly among left-leaning lawmakers. One US senator is coming under fire from his party after taking an opposing stance, but he’s holding his ground.

The Issue at Hand

When Hamas attacked, Israel responded very quickly, launching a counterattack of its own. In doing so, it isolated Gaza, cutting off necessary supplies, including food, electricity, and water to everyone in the region. Making matters worse, those trapped in the 140-square-mile area, which included millions of civilians, had no way out.

Several US lawmakers have called for a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza area. Notably, a few Democrats have stood against the idea, including Senator John Fetterman (D-PA). In a statement on October 9, Fetterman made his stance clear, saying he “unequivocally support[s]” aid to the country. He noted that the US “has a moral obligation to be in lockstep with [its] ally.” That resulted in pro-Palestinian protestors demonstrating outside of his office in Philadelphia and several of his other branches in the state. They accused him of remaining “silent on genocide,” yet he remains steadfast. Additionally, he hasn’t called for a ceasefire.

Fetterman Holds His Ground

According to NBC News, several Fetterman insiders noted that the senator hasn’t remained quiet about his staunch support for the Jewish State. In fact, it was a big part of his campaign when he ran for office. They said the uptick in antisemitic attacks, one of which was the 2018 mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, influenced Fetterman.

The senator’s chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, said that Fetterman’s support for Israel has seemingly “caught some people by surprise” but also stated that “those people weren’t really paying attention … during his campaign.”

Another notable Democrat facing pushback for her comments is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She said a ceasefire isn’t the right move because it would only empower Hamas. Those calling for a temporary suspension in fighting “don’t understand Hamas,” she said. Clinton stated a cease in hostilities would be a “gift” for them because they would spend the time “rebuilding their armaments, [and] creating stronger positions” to take on Israeli forces.

On Thursday, November 2, President Joe Biden said he saw the need for a “pause” — not a ceasefire — to distribute humanitarian aid and evacuate the hostages.

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