Iran-Allied Commander Killed in Strike, US Says

Iran-Allied Commander Killed in Strike, US Says

( – Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, hostile groups have routinely targeted US troops in the Middle East. While most of the attacks were superficial, one of the most recent ended up killing three service members and injuring several dozen others. President Joe Biden promised the US would hold the responsible party accountable. To that end, the US military recently carried out a unilateral strike, resulting in the death of a prominent militant leader.

On February 7, US Central Command (CENTCOM) posted on X, formerly Twitter, announcing its forces had carried out an attack in Iraq and killed “a Kata’ib Hezbollah commander.” Reports suggest the strike killed Abu Baqir al-Saadi, leader of the Hashd Shaabi. The strike also killed at least two more militant members, according to media reports.

The attack involved a drone that targeted a vehicle in Baghdad, killing several of the occupants inside. CENTCOM reported no civilian casualties or collateral damage.

According to POLITICO, the militant groups might be pulling back from attacking US troops. Recently, the group claiming responsibility for the attack on Tower 22, Kataib Hezbollah, released a statement saying it would no longer attack US positions.

As for the US, it’s unclear whether the military has finished performing retaliatory strikes. More could occur in the coming days, but the White House and Pentagon have remained mum on the issue. However, CENTCOM made it clear the US “will continue to take necessary action to protect our people.” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan did say some attacks would remain covert.

In preparation for another attack on the US, Iraqi Security sources spoke with ABC News, saying they were shutting down all entrances to the Green Zone, a central location in Baghdad that houses important government buildings, including the US Embassy.

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