Investigator Opens Up 15 Years After Caylee Anthony Was Found

Investigator Opens Up 15 Years After Caylee Anthony Was Found

( – The story of Caylee Anthony in 2008 glued much of the country to news sources. A grandmother reported her two-year-old toddler grandchild missing and said she hadn’t seen the child in more than 30 days. The report sparked a months-long search and investigation that people likely won’t forget any time soon. In fact, one of the case investigators still recalls the details vividly. He recently spoke about the tragic event, 15 years after Caylee’s remains were found.

Caylee Reported Missing, Mom Arrested

When Cindy Anthony realized something was wrong in July 2008, she called 911 to report her granddaughter, Caylee, missing. She also demanded that police arrest her daughter, Casey, and noted at the time that her car “smells like there’s been a dead body” in it. The next day, authorities took Casey into custody on charges of lying to investigators, child neglect, and interfering with a criminal investigation.

On October 14, 2008, just about three months after Caylee went missing, authorities charged Casey with several more counts, including first-degree murder. They didn’t have Caylee’s body yet, but that didn’t matter. The evidence pointed to the vehicle having contained a decomposing body.

Finally, in December 2008, after months of investigating and trying to find the little girl, a utility worker discovered her body in a wooded area and called law enforcement. Lead investigator Gerardo Bloise remembers the exact day he arrived on the scene 15 years ago.

Bloise Opens Up

In an interview with FOX 35 News, Bloise said he still remembers the day very well. He recounted that dispatch called him to the scene in the woods to confirm whether the bones the utility worker found might belong to Caylee. He said he saw “a small human skull with hair […] and tape around the mouth and nose.” Then, he and investigators searched for the rest of her body. Despite finding the body, too much time had passed to determine the cause of death.

People have set up a memorial in the area where he first found Caylee. Before the 15th anniversary, Bloise said he hadn’t returned to the site because it was too difficult. He’s also unhappy with how the court case went, saying that “someday, Caylee will receive justice from the judge — or judges,” pointing skyward.

Casey Anthony was the only suspect in the murder of her daughter, although her defense team tried to cast suspicion on her father as the one responsible for covering up the toddler’s death. In 2011, a jury acquitted Casey of the crime. To date, no court has held anyone accountable for the toddler’s death.

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