Houthi Missiles Launched Toward Red Sea Vessels

Houthi Missiles Launched Toward Red Sea Vessels

(USNewsBreak.com) – The Red Sea in the Indian Ocean separates the coasts of Sudan, Egypt, and Eritrea from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It also forms a prominent shipping route for many countries. For the past few months, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have attacked vessels attempting to use the shipping lanes through the Red Sea, creating a crisis that could significantly impact global trade and inflation.

The most recent attack came on Tuesday, January 9, when Houthi rebels fired missiles and drones at vessels in the Red Sea, according to US Central Command (CENTCOM). The United Kingdom and the United States worked together to shoot them down in a “combined effort” involving US fighter jets, missile destroyers, and a UK Royal Navy destroyer. In all, the two nations shot down an anti-ship ballistic missile, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and 18 drones.

A US official speaking with CBS News said CENTCOM wasn’t sure what the rebels were targeting. However, at the time, multiple commercial vessels were traversing the sea, and a Houthi military spokesperson reported that the attack was a response to a previous offensive from the US. Ships traveling through the Red Sea have experienced attacks from the Iranian-backed group for months, particularly in the wake of US support for Israel. This incident represented the 26th attack since mid-November, according to CENTCOM.

On Thursday, January 11, Germany‚Äôs Kiel Institute for the World Economy noted that the attacks had already made an immediate impact. From November to December, global trade fell by 1.3%, a direct result “of the attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea.” In addition to shipping delays, Houthi attacks will likely increase prices as transportation costs to move the goods increases. Several major container shipping companies are already avoiding the area because of the ongoing attacks.

The actions have sparked a crisis, leading the US military to push for a task force centered on protecting vessels in the area. In addition, on January 11, news outlets reported that the US and UK had begun carrying out airstrikes against the rebels in retaliation for the recent attacks.

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