House Speaker Says He Thinks Mayorkas Has “Committed Impeachable Offenses”

House Speaker Says He Thinks Mayorkas Has "Committed Impeachable Offenses"

( – After weeks of turmoil, the House finally elected a new speaker, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA). He wasted no time getting down to business, discussing what the House needs to do to move forward. In a recent interview, Johnson addressed the border crisis and couldn’t resist taking a shot at Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

On Wednesday, November 1, Johnson spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity about Mayorkas, saying he thinks the secretary has “committed impeachment offenses.” However, unlike some GOP counterparts, he seems less inclined to move forward with a formal procedure to oust him, saying Congress only has “so much time and resources” to pursue the effort. Additionally, it’s unclear whether the Republican Party has enough support to implement a successful impeachment.

This interview wasn’t the first time the speaker made his displeasure with Mayorkas clear. In the past, Johnson has said the secretary was intentionally doing a poor job. In August, the legislator accused him of lying under oath when he testified before the House Homeland Security Committee. That committee has no power to begin an impeachment effort, leaving the action to the House Judiciary Committee, which remains split on the issue.

Johnson said other issues require the House’s focus. For one, the lower chamber still has yet to pass the appropriations bills necessary to keep the federal government running, and the November 17 deadline established by the stopgap measure is fast approaching. Yet, Johnson remains steadfast that Congress won’t pass a bill sending aid to Ukraine that doesn’t include some type of funding to address the ongoing border crisis.

He insisted on intertwining the two issues because the US “can’t be expected to take care of other countries and other conflicts if [it] can’t seal [its] own border.”

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