George Santos Brings Legal Challenge Against Jimmy Kimmel

George Santos Brings Legal Challenge Against Jimmy Kimmel

( – Jimmy Kimmel is well known on late-night television for his eponymous show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” It’s rife with comedic timing and one-liners meant to keep people laughing, like most talk shows that air in the later hour. However, thanks to one of his skits, Kimmel has become the subject of a lawsuit by none other than former Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

On Saturday, February 17, Santos filed a lawsuit against the late-night talk show host, Walt Disney Co., and ABC in the Southern District of New York US District Court. The former representative is accusing Kimmel of tricking him into making videos on Cameo, an app where people can request video messages from celebrities, which he then used to exploit Santos.

Kimmel had allegedly requested several videos from Santos under a false name and then aired the footage on his show in December. The talk show host told his audience Santos demanded $20,000 in payment for the use of the videos and joked about how funny it would be if he got sued over the clips.

The lawsuit claims Kimmel engaged in fraud by using fake profiles, violating the app’s community guidelines. The complaint also alleges the defendants committed copyright infringement because Santos owns the videos he created and didn’t grant Kimmel a license to use them on his broadcast. Attorney Robert Fantone, who is representing Santos in the case, told AP in an email that while Kimmel’s skits were funny, “What he did was clear violation of copyright law.”

Santos has been on Cameo for the past few months since his expulsion from the House of Representatives for allegedly engaging in numerous crimes. He is currently facing 23 federal charges and is reportedly negotiating a plea deal.

The former New York representative is seeking $750,000 in statutory damages for five videos he created that Kimmel aired on ABC. He is also seeking other damages that the court will determine at trial.

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