FDA Issues Ban on Certain E-Cigarettes

FDA Issues Ban on Certain E-Cigarettes

(USNewsBreak.com) – Over the past several years, many people have shifted away from smoking cigarettes, opting to vape instead. The market exploded to match the increase in demand, pumping out new devices and cartridges — including fruity flavors that risk attracting younger generations to pick up the habit. But despite being viewed as a safer alternative, these items still carry health risks. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now taking steps to remove one company’s products from the market.

On Thursday, October 12, the FDA denied several applications from R. J. Reynolds Vapor Company to keep selling its top Menthol and Mixed Berry flavored cartridges. The denial means the corporation, which is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco (BAT), cannot sell the specified Vuse Alto products; retailers must remove them from the shelves.

The FDA is still reviewing the company’s Rich Tobacco and Golden Tobacco products. Notably, Reynolds also manufactures Camel and Newport cigarette brands.

The oversight agency claims the Vuse Alto vape cartridges have soared in popularity with children and pose a significant risk to them. It also stated that the company failed to demonstrate the benefits to adults versus the risks to youth.

In a news release, Reynolds’ parent company BAT said it was disappointed with the decision and would appeal the decision in court. It accused the FDA of making a decision that “flies in the face of proven science” and violates its ongoing mission to lower the harmful effects of tobacco use.

This latest clash isn’t the first time for the FDA to ban Vuse products. In March 2023, it issued marketing denial orders for two other menthol products. The agency has also targeted Juul in the past, attempting to remove all of the brand’s e-cigarettes and cartridges from the market. It later suspended that particular decision, citing “scientific issues.” Juul’s products remain on store shelves in the face of pending litigation.

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