Father Charged With Murder of Baby Son

Father Charged With Murder of Baby Son

(USNewsBreak.com) – Most people go out of their way to protect children when they have them. However, there are some who abuse or neglect their kids. Police have arrested two California parents for the death of a three-week-old infant.

On April 14, Roselani Gaoa gave birth to her son, Baki Dewees. Just three weeks later, a family member reported him missing and presumed dead. Authorities haven’t found his remains, but police in Ogden, Utah, arrested his father, 24-year-old Yusuf Dewees, and charged him with murdering the baby. He is now facing extradition to Los Angeles, where a court will arraign him.

According to Fiti Paulo, the infant’s maternal grandmother, multiple allegations of abuse between Gaoa and Dewees existed even before Gaoa gave birth to Baki. The day ahead of his birth, a surveillance camera caught Gaoa repeatedly hitting her 5-year-old daughter in a Utah homeless shelter, where she reportedly fled after learning she was under investigation for child abuse in California. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In the months while Gaoa, 25, was pregnant, authorities accused her of abusing her other children, who are ages 5, 3, and 1. Authorities filed multiple complaints with Los Angeles County, citing abuse and bruises.

Yet, Paulo said the authorities did nothing to address the abuse. She said Gaoa was struggling to handle three children when she became pregnant with Baki and described her as constantly angry. Dewees was no better, according to Paulo. He failed to help with the kids, drank all the time, and displayed violent fits while drunk.

The last time anyone saw Baki was on May 3. Dewees took him and his three-year-old daughter when he left Paulo’s home. Four days later, she reported Baki missing. At that time, Dewees returned to the homeless shelter in Utah, leaving his children behind. Utah police arrested him there. Gaoa is also in jail in Utah on charges of child abuse.

Authorities say they have searched the Antelope Valley Landfill but have not found Baki’s body.

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