Fani Willis Takes Victory in Primary Election

Fani Willis Takes Victory in Primary Election

( – Former President Donald Trump is facing more than a dozen charges in Georgia. Fani Willis, the district attorney in that case, has faced considerable controversy lately. However, that seemingly didn’t affect her status at the ballot box because she recently won the state’s primary election.

On Tuesday, May 21, voters in Georgia headed to the polls to choose between Willis and her challenger, Christian Wise Smith, for the November ballot. Willis, the clear favorite, won the primary election 87% to 13% with over 95% of the votes in as of May 22. She will face off against Trump ally Courtney Kramer in the general election. Kramer interned at the White House during Trump’s tenure and later became involved in litigation consulting on the case.

Willis became a national name last summer when she convened the grand jury that eventually indicted Trump and 18 others on multiple felony charges, including RICO violations. However, when allegations surfaced that she had become involved in an affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, Trump’s legal team sought to remove her from the case.

A judge ruled that Willis could remain in place, provided Wade stepped down, which he did. Georgia’s Court of Appeals has agreed to hear an appeal on that decision. Trump’s legal team is hoping to disqualify her from the case.

The appeals court hasn’t yet set a date for that hearing, but court observers anticipate it will occur later this year or early next year. The appeal will likely delay Trump’s Georgia trial indefinitely.

Republicans in both Congressional chambers and two Georgia state legislature commissions are also investigating Willis. GOP Senators have accused her of misusing Justice Department grant money slated for gang prevention and at-risk youth programs for lavish purchases instead.

Willis has denied all wrongdoing, saying political critics have repeatedly attacked her office for “no legitimate purpose.” Moreover, she accused her frequent attacker, House Republican Jim Jordan (OH), of pursuing only one goal: “trying to interfere in a criminal investigation.”

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