F-16 Emergency Forces Pilot To Eject

F-16 Emergency Forces Pilot To Eject

(USNewsBreak.com) – US Air Force pilots receive training to handle almost any type of emergency while in flight. However, correcting a situation sometimes becomes impossible when valuable seconds are on the line. Pilots have to eject in these instances to avoid going down with an aircraft. That’s what recently happened just off the coast of South Korea. Fortunately, the pilot is doing just fine.

The incident occurred early Monday morning, at approximately 8:43 a.m. local time, during a routine training flight. According to a press release by the Kunsan Air Base, located in the country’s west coast city of Gunsan, the US pilot experienced an “in-flight emergency.” Shortly after he ejected, the plane, an F-16 fighter jet, crashed into the Yellow Sea.

The Republic of Korea Maritime Forces rescued the pilot, whom rescuers described as “awake and in stable condition.” Colonel Matthew Gaetke, commander of the 8th Fighter Wing, expressed his gratitude “for the safe recovery of our Airman” by South Korean allies. He also said he was happy to hear the pilot was “in good condition.” However, he said the base would release the pilot’s name or any updates on his condition.

The unit is unsure what caused the emergency, and the incident remains under investigation. The Air Force will release a report at the probe’s conclusion.

This incident wasn’t the only F-16 accident to occur this year. On May 6, another F-16 crashed during routine training in an agricultural area around 10 nautical miles from South Korea’s Osan Air Base, about 35 miles south of Seoul. Fortunately, the pilot in this case, who also belonged to the 8th Fighter Wing, also ejected. First responders took him for medical care, where the facility listed him in stable condition. The crash destroyed the fighter jet, a Fighting Falcon, but fortunately, there were no military personnel or civilians incurred injuries.

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