Dan Schneider Brings Forth Defamation Lawsuit

Dan Schneider Files Defamation Suit

(USNewsBreak.com) – The documentary “Quiet on Set” came out on March 17, detailing the dark side of children’s television. A hefty portion of the five-episode series focused on content creator Dan Schneider. Now, he’s suing the producers of the documentary for defamation.

On Wednesday, May 1, Schneider’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Discovery, Maxine Productions, Sony Pictures Television, Emma Schwartz, and Mary Robertson in Los Angeles Superior Court. It accused the producers of lumping him in with other Nickelodeon employees whom the courts have tried and convicted of crimes against children. His legal team said specific segments of the show “falsely and repeatedly state or imply that Schneider” is a child abuser. It also called the documentary “a hit job.”

The series involved interviews with former child stars, including Drake Bell, one of the stars of “Drake & Josh.” He talked about the types of incidents that occurred on the sets of some of the network’s most popular shows. Schneider was at the helm of many of these series, which included “All That,” “Zoey 101,” and “The Amanda Show.”

However, after enjoying years of prominence, Schneider abruptly disappeared from view, separating from the network in 2018. An investigation reportedly found that he was verbally abusive to several staff members. Yet, investigators found no evidence of any other kinds of abuse.

In the lawsuit filing, his attorneys acknowledged that “Schneider will be the first to admit that some of what they said is true,” noting that “He will regret and atone for this behavior the rest of his life.” However, they drew the line at the series’ incorrect inferences. As a result, the documentary has harmed the creator’s “reputation, career, and business.” The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Schneider had refused the documentary’s requests for interviews.

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