Court Reconvicts Amanda Knox in Slander Case

Court Reconvicts Amanda Knox in Slander Case

( – Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted of the 2007 murder of 21-year-old Meredith Kercher, Knox’s roommate, in December 2009. Four years later, a court overturned their conviction, but Knox is still facing some legal battles. In 2009, a court also convicted her of slander. She tried to appeal that decision but was recently reconvicted.

During the police investigation into Kercher’s death, police brought Knox in for questioning. While undergoing interrogation, she claimed that her friend, Patrick Lumumba, a bar owner, committed the crime. As a result, he experienced some serious legal trouble. Not only did he lose his job, but authorities seized his bar, and he spent two weeks in jail, labeled “the monster of Perugia,” which inflicted serious damage to his reputation. Eventually, a customer gave him an alibi, which cleared him of all charges and suspicion. However, he suffered the damage from the accusations, which is why a court convicted Knox in 2009.

Ten years later, the European Court of Human Rights found that authorities violated Knox’s rights during questioning. Italian authorities had to toss her slander conviction, and she had to undergo a new trial.

On Wednesday, June 5, a jury reconvicted her of the same crime. The court sentenced her to three years in prison, but she won’t have to report to jail because she spent four years incarcerated for an overturned murder conviction.

The day after her conviction, Knox spoke on her podcast, “Labyrinths,” about the ordeal, calling the court’s decision a “huge step backwards.” She continued to say she was a victim and that the police coerced her into saying Lumumba was involved. Knox said she wouldn’t have “knowingly and willingly accused an innocent man” and that she “was psychologically tortured by the police.” She noted that she was still “living with this open wound” all these years later.

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