Couple Found Dead in Sweltering Residence

Couple Found Dead Following Issues With Heating System

( – On January 6, One South Carolina couple was found dead in their home, which had reportedly reached a staggering temperature of around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

After failing to hear from 82-year-old Glennwood Fowler and 84-year-old Joan Littlejohn for several days, their family called authorities to ask them to perform a welfare check. The two reportedly had health issues that warranted the family’s concern because they weren’t easily mobile.

When a police officer and firefighter arrived, they went in through an unlocked window and found the couple dead. The man was on the bed, face up, unclothed, and the woman was in a chair, slumped over and fully dressed.

During the investigation, they noticed the temperature in the home was very high and traced it back to the furnace, which authorities reported looked like it was on fire. Firefighters estimated the internal temperature of the element to be around 1,000 degrees before they turned it off. Officials also noted a strong odor of natural gas, so they kept the doors open to air the place out.

Now, there’s an investigation into what caused the couple’s death. Investigators plan to carry out autopsies to determine whether high levels of carbon monoxide were present in their systems. First responders found no unusual reading in the home, but the Spartanburg County Coroner, Rusty Clevenger, plans to run several tests. At this time, law enforcement doesn’t suspect the involvement of any foul play.

The family spoke with officials and noted issues with the furnace on January 3, the last time they saw Fowler and Littlejohn alive. A family member said the pilot light had extinguished, but when the individual moved a wire, the pilot relit, and the furnace began operating again.

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