Convicted Woman Acknowledges Responsibility in Husband’s 1990s Death

Convicted Woman Acknowledges Responsibility in Husband's 1990s Death

( – Teenagers William Flynn and Patrick Randall killed Gregory Smart in his New Hampshire home on May 1, 1990. A court later convicted his wife, Pamela Smart, as an accomplice to first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Throughout the years, she maintained her innocence but recently acknowledged she was responsible for her husband’s death.

In a videotaped statement, Smart, who was 22 years old when Gregg died, said she’s part of a writing group behind bars that “encouraged us to go beyond and to spaces that we didn’t want to be in.” For her, she said, that was acknowledging that she was responsible for her husband dying.

It’s the first time she has tied herself to his murder despite receiving a conviction for the crime. Smart acknowledged that she had “skewed” judgment and was “immature” at the time and “deflected blame.” Gregory Smart’s cousin, Val Fryatt, spoke with The Associated Press and said Pamela “danced around” the issue, claiming responsibility “without admitting the facts around” the case and never mentioned Gregg’s name.

Smart would like a commutation hearing and recorded the video in hopes of going before the New Hampshire Executive Council, which advises the governor. In her statement, she said that she is far wiser now and wants the chance to have an “honest” conversation about the case and the possibility of her release.

In 1990, Smart developed a romantic relationship with a student, William Flynn, and reportedly plotted with him to kill her husband. On the day Mr. Smart died, Randall and Flynn showed up at his condo and forced him to his knees before shooting him. His wife wanted him dead because she reportedly feared that she would lose everything if the pair divorced.

The courts have denied all of Smart’s appeal options. She’s still waiting to hear whether the council will grant her a hearing.

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