Cleaning Crew Makes Stunning Drug Discovery at Airbnb

Cleaning Crew Makes Shocking Drug Finding at Airbnb

( – Airbnb owners typically pay to have their homes cleaned between guest stays. While the cleaners may encounter some weird things from time to time, one crew in Alhambra, California, got a shock when they uncovered some boxes containing drugs. Police have since arrested two people on suspicion of drug trafficking.

On May 24, a cleaning crew called the Alhambra Police Department to a house on South Ethel Avenue, where they had reportedly found boxes containing drugs. According to a post on Instagram, the department noted that officers on the scene recovered 235 pounds of methamphetamine. The picture accompanying the notice shows several packages encased in bubble wrap. Meth is a powerful stimulant with highly-addictive tendencies.

The Airbnb’s ring camera caught two suspects on a RING camera transporting the goods in a U-Haul van. While the police investigated at the home, the same van returned to the residence but quickly turned around after spotting authorities. The Alhambra PD caught up to the suspects, who thought they would make a hasty escape, and arrested them for suspected drug trafficking.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times on Monday, June 3, an Airbnb spokesperson said that “The reported criminal activity has no place on” the platform and it had “removed a booking guest” while an investigation was underway. The Airbnb “team is working closely with the host” and cooperating with the authorities. It’s unclear whether the arrested suspects were guests staying at the home, residence owners, or linked in some other fashion.

Drugs continue to be a significant problem in the United States. Authorities have formed multiple task forces to remove them from the streets and catch traffickers before they can hand the substances over to dealers. Fentanyl remains one of the worst problems, causing thousands of overdose deaths each year, but meth also continues to be prolific.

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